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Irish playwright (1880-1964)


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His Yeats and the Noh: A Comparative Study (1990, co-written and edited with the Japanese scholar Masaru Sekine), Twentieth-Century Irish Drama: Mirror up to Nation (1997 & 2000); Sean O'Casey, Writer at Work: A Critical Biography (2004 & 2006); and The Theatre of Brian Friel: Tradition and Modernity (2014) along with his edited volumes: Brian Friel's Essays, Diaries, Interviews: 1964-1999 (1999), Beckett at 100: Centenary Essays (2006), Selected Plays of George Shiels (2008), Alive in Time: The Enduring Drama of Tom Murphy (2010), to mention but a few, have become seminal works in the field for students and scholars alike.
enough for O'Casey to see him as "a cynical jester.
Previous winners of the prize include Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Sean O'Casey, Alan Bennett and Hilary Mantel, according to Booktrade.
The other two finalists are the Mersey Wave gateway bridge at Liverpool, and the Sean O'Casey pedestrian swing bridge in Dublin.
Many contemporary Irish playwrights, though not all sharing the same views as O'Casey, have produced works with dissenting opinions that call Irish Republicanism and its historiography into question.
RHT's irrepressible outgoing chairman got a lot off his chest, but reminded me of that line from Sean O'Casey about the Irish: ``They treat a joke as a serious thing and a serious thing as a joke.
The YSP Garden Gallery (the former Bothy Gallery) houses the thoughtful, attractive work of Breon O'Casey, whose small, simplified sculptures of birds , deer, cockerel, and other creatures make a delightful foil for his two-dimensional works - abstract aquatints and linocuts in strong colours.
to Ossie Davis, says that Lorraine Hansberry was influenced by the Irish playwright Sean O'Casey, while Ron Milner was influenced by such novelists as Ralph Ellison, Ernest Hemingway and Langston Hughes.
The millionaire Dublin movie hunk was to join the likes of Bono, Bertie Ahern and Sean O'Casey as the latest character at the well-known tourist attraction.
Schematically, what emerges is a distinctly Burkean O'Casey and, again, an Adornian Yeats.
Those auditioning should prepare a monologue of approximately two minutes from the work of the following playwrights: Euripides, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Shaw, Ibsen, Chekhov, Sean O'Casey, Eugene O'Neill, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Ntozake Shange, Lanford Wilson, August Wilson and others.
Though he never expatriated himself, as did such other writers as Joyce, Beckett, and O'Casey, Yeats in his later years spent much of his time nursing body and spirit beyond the confines of his native land.
Previously, Turnage has written one full-length opera, Greek, and two shorter pieces of music theatre, but The Silver Tassie, with libretto adapted by Amanda Holden from the play by Sean O'Casey, is without doubt his masterpiece.
In Britain he has enjoyed a larger following; in the United States he remains virtually unknown, his excellent critical works on Sean O'Casey and Mulk Raj Anand, his commendable collections of Indian writing, and his own fictions having found few readers.
Synge, Sean O'Casey, and, by a facile incorporation, Samuel Beckett in the aftermath, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and George Moore in the prelude.