Nyquist rate

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(telecommunication) the lowest sampling rate that will permit accurate reconstruction of a sampled analog signal

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m] may be fed to N parallel ADCs, each of which are now running at a relaxed rate as compared to the full bandwidth Nyquist rate.
5:6 corresponding to sampling rates from 180 MHz to 540 MHz which are far below Nyquist rate.
In our proposed geometric approach, the radius of curvature substitutes for the condition of the Nyquist rate.
The rate of sampling [pi]/[sigma] is called the Nyquist rate and it is optimal in a sense that no information is lost if a signal is sampled at such a rate and no additional information is gained by sampling faster than this rate.
This allows it to receive data at a high speed, while maintaining low distortion and noise, simplifying the transmit signal chain and enabling high quality synthesis of wideband signals at intermediate frequencies up to the Nyquist rate (one half of DAC sampling rate).
The echo signals are demodulated to the baseband and then sampled at a rate much lower than the Nyquist rate which is at least two times of the bandwidth of each chaotic subpulse (the "Nyquist rate" refers to hereafter in this paper).
The last paper by Holger Rauhut is on the new and emerging field of compressed sensing (2) [5, 6] where the observed samples of a sparse signal can be much lower than the apparent Nyquist rate.
In addition, the proposed algorithm can reduce the required receiver analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion band-width so that it need operate only at the reflectivity's potentially low "information rate" rather than at its potentially high Nyquist rate [12].
Although uniform sampling at the Nyquist rate for low-pass signals is quite straightforward, the extensions to bandpass and multi-band signals are not trivial.
But these algorithms are mostly based on data independent matched filter (MF) theorem which requires a large number of uniform samples to obey the Nyquist rate.
Key words and phrases: Nyquist-Landau density, Nyquist rate, multidimensional sampling theorems, bandlimited functions