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an institution where people are cared for

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However, he notes, economic issues, relative availability of facilities, and lack of community acceptance of people with mental illnesses often leave no choice but to place such individuals in nursing homes.
People in nursing homes are frailer and sicker than ever before.
The first challenge is to estimate how many veterans will seek care from the VA and just what their nursing home needs will be.
MetBank has closed two nursing home real estate loans in the New York Metropolitan area in recent months totaling nearly $20 million and has initiated due diligence on a third, out-of-state loan.
Announced by outgoing HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, the report on the two-year-old Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) included a call to expand its efforts through further funding of Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs).
Nursing homes that Aon surveyed said Florida represented 10% of their operation and 40% of their losses.
Another quality improvement effort will be the development of a national automated data set known as the "Minimum Data Set" to help evaluate the quality of care provided in nursing homes.
But there was never any explanation of how people should know if what the nursing homes say is accurate.
Patricia Nemore of the National Senior Citizens Law Center charges nursing homes "discriminate against Medicaid recipients" with private pay requirements, special wings, evictions and inferior food and services.
The Gallup Organization polled a random sample of Minnesota residents 35 years and older during late December 1991 and early 1992 for Care Providers of Minnesota, an industry group representing both for-profit and not-for-profit nursing homes.
The Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes campaign kicked off Friday, September 29, 2006, at a national Nursing Home Summit in Washington, D.
Spurred by a recent report that found nearly 70 registered sex offenders live in California nursing homes, a state lawmaker will push for legislation to force the names of all offenders to be disclosed to nursing home staff and residents.
A 2002 report found that the proportion of nursing homes cited for deficiencies, the total number of deficiencies, and key categories of deficiencies related to quality of care had all increased since 1998.
House of Representatives Select Committee on Aging concludes 7 in 10 elderly individuals who go into nursing homes find their income depleted to the poverty level after only 13 weeks.
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