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an institution where people are cared for

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An analysis by the nonprofit Consumer Reports listed what it considers the best and worst of the nation's 16,000 nursing homes -- including two of the best and one of the worst in the San Fernando Valley.
The cost of meeting the long-term care needs of sick and disabled veterans is skyrocketing out of sight, whether it's in a VA-operated nursing home, a state veterans' home or a community-based facility.
We've been very active with nursing homes on the commercial lending side right from the beginning and quickly saw that facility valuations were more than holding their own compared with the double-digit growth in values of commercial and residential properties.
Nursing homes working closely with their QIO improved by 33 percent on average.
The "Deficiencies" category includes all health deficiencies found during the most recent state nursing home survey and in recent complaint investigations--useful information for anyone comparing nursing homes.
Almost half of the total amount of loss costs in the Florida long-term-care industry go directly to lawyers who prosecute or defend the nursing homes, according to the Aon study.
A recent report to the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging by the General Accounting Office (GAO) of California's nursing homes reinforced these findings.
In contrast, most Medicaid residents and private payers have chronic disabilities and remain in nursing homes for the rest of their lives.
On New Year's Day, hundreds of disabled people in Wisconsin suddenly confronted the prospect of entering nursing homes.
While only 14% of the "young old" (those 65 to 74) are disabled, 58% of the "old old" (those 85 and older) are functionally dependent, 47% have Alzheimer's disease and 22% already live in nursing homes.
Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes Campaign Aims at Accelerated Improvement, Resident and Staff Satisfaction
Spurred by a recent report that found nearly 70 registered sex offenders live in California nursing homes, a state lawmaker will push for legislation to force the names of all offenders to be disclosed to nursing home staff and residents.
A 2002 report found that the proportion of nursing homes cited for deficiencies, the total number of deficiencies, and key categories of deficiencies related to quality of care had all increased since 1998.
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