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Russian dancer who was often the partner of Dame Margot Fonteyn and who defected to the United States in 1961 (born in 1938)

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Muslim Bashkir Tatar star Nureyev was born in 1938 aboard the Trans-Siberian Express in the Soviet Union and was one of the biggest stars in ballet until his death in 1993.
The Globe said Jackie flew Nureyev to Washington in 1963 and they soon "plunged into a secret love affair which lasted years".
In this film biography, made one year before his death in 1993, Nureyev tells his own story in his own words and recalls turning points in his career.
Nacido en 1938 en un tren transiberiano en algun lugar cercano a Balkal, Rudolf fue el hijo unico hombre de Hamet y Farida Nureyev, los dos de origen tartaro-musulman.
However, the potential rewards of using him as a means of inbreeding to Nureyev were evident from an early stage thanks to the 2003 Hong Kong Vase heroine Vallee Enchantee, a first-crop daughter bred and owned - like her sire - by the Wildenstein family.
Coaching comes from renowned masters including Vaganova, Pushkin, Baltacheev and academy director and close friend of Nureyev, Amir Tuygunov.
La primera vez que di clase a Nureyev fue en el Joffrey Ballet.
And then of course there was Nureyev, such was their passion on stage that rumours abounded that the two were having an affair.
But Ken, from Markinch, Fife, got the last laugh when he won a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dance and went on to perform alongside Russian ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev.
The archives of the Nureyev Dance Foundation in Britain and America were entrusted to her, endorsing her as the authorised biographer.
Remembering Nureyev: The Trail of a Comet is a biography of acclaimed male ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, as told by one of his closest friends, the European choreographer Rudi van Dantzig, who first met Nureyev when Nureyev asked for permission to dance in one of van Dantzig's ballets.
THE Kirov Ballet's principal dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, 23, broke free from Russian embassy guards at Le Bourget airport in Paris to seek asylum in in the West.
From a small town in the then Soviet Union came one of the greatest male dancers the world has ever known, Rudolf Nureyev.
IN APRIL 1962, Rudolf Nureyev was convicted under Soviet article N43 of treason against the state.
The longlist nominations for BBC Four's Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction have been announced, which includes biographies of ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev and artist Pablo Picasso.