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the prayer of Simeon (Luke 2:29-32)

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They have been for me, in the words of the Nunc Dimittis, a "light of revelation" in a sometimes crazy world.
Sera pecado, mientras tanto, orar para que el Senor conceda ya a su siervo Karol Wojtyla la paz que pedia exultante Simeon en su Nunc dimittis?
Because of the limited scope of the court's own pro hac vice rule to appearances in "court" and the lack of any other rule relating to administrative proceedings, he favored granting the pro hac vice permission nunc pro tunc.
For temperature measurements, 22-gauge copper-constantan type T thermocouples were used, each threaded through the cap of a 5-mL Nunc tube of the same type as those containing serum samples, but with the thermocouple tip immersed in 3 mL of tap water.
To conclude the passage emphatically, Propertius employs the repeated `nunc' with chiasmus in `tua nunc .
Tenders are invited for Tender Of Nunc F96 Micro Well Plates Polystrene Clear
has introduced new 15 and 50m1 Thermo Scientific Nunc conical centrifuge tubes, incorporating a new plastic rack design that is reusable, collapsible and recyclable, and the 15/50 ml tubes are offered with an environmentally friendly, space-saving storage solution.
says it uses approval criteria for all of its Nunc immunoassay plates.
Duddell's festival-commissioned Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis sounded more reflective than celebratory (hardly the joyous, uplifting experience claimed in the programme note), and the gutsy passion of Tippett's A Child of our Time Spirituals emerged only spasmodically.
Thermo Scientific BioLite products for general cell culture applications broaden the existing Thermo Scientific cell culture offering, which features many specialized formats and surfaces used for advanced cell culture research, including the premium Nunc portfolio.
On Tuesday, the choir will be singing the Nunc Dimittis in G by Herbert Sumsion; Lift up your heads O Ye Gates - William Matthias; When to the Temple Mary Went - Johann Eccard and Ave Verum Corpus - Edward Elgar.
The concert opened with a performance of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis by James MacMillan, sung by Liverpool Cathedral Occasional Singers.
The concerto was the familiar filling in a programme book-ended by MacMillan's sole settings of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis canticles, and Bingham's tone poem, Chartres.
The play is about the adventures of an alien called Nunc, who takes up residence in St Wilfred's church, much to the surprise of its vicar.
The wealth of Latin phrases--"hic et nunc," and "natura naturans" are his favorites--or of verbal acrobatics--"the immensity of the central point" (84) is only a tiny sample--after a short while leave the reader longing for a simple, clear phrase, with a direct, clear meaning.