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Synonyms for numinous

Synonyms for numinous

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

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evincing the presence of a deity

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The members of X Clan are more than rappers; they are educators who, by "making Godmusic in sync with the universe," (30) instruct their listeners about Pan-Africanism and African history, revolutionaries, ontology, and cosmology as well as the power of their numinosity.
Using InfeXious--which measured several campaigns based on buzz, numinosity, belonging, energy, momentum, and excitement--Penn and his team investigated highly contagious campaigns in a two-phase program to better understand viral strategies, and they concentrated on what marketing designs might work in the future.
One notes that the strawman position represented here differs from that of Gong Mengzi in the passage above, insofar as Gong Mengzi denies the existence of ghosts and spirits altogether, while the Ru position described above admits to the existence of ghosts but denies their numinosity.
Yet he is quick to add that the same numinosity resides in discoveries in the physical sciences, but he is not referring exclusively to "spooky" QM phenomena, so these discoveries may not necessarily be parapsychological, but nor does he mean them to be.
an initiation must be personally validated to assure it is not a cult or groupthink, yet it must be in integrity with the values of the tradition which spawned it; and (3) numinosity, i.
If we are willing to suspend our insistence that we are merely physical beings who must maintain a concrete hold on the world, then we can be part of the numinosity that surrounds these synchronistic events.
Carter's textual harassment of the Great Mother is then couched in comic language, mocking similes, and stylistic pastiche that effectively downgrade the numinosity of the archetype.
In the Jungian perspective, only in sacrificing the ego's limited perspective does a person regain his soul and contact numinosity in the Self.
Her numinosity seems to link her to the "kami [or life force of .
If the balance between numinosity and narrativity is not maintained, the mythic potential of a text is usually reduced.
Because of the numinosity of the date, the prospect of his return got draped in millenarian expectations, even by me.
But in every case, it should be noted, the narrator either uses perspectival narration or a qualifying construction (both of which have the effect of relativizing the numinosity of the experience), or allows something to happen which prevents the reader from taking the words as an unequivocal theological statement (for instance, Dr Iannis' uncharacteristic piece of writing is immediately consumed by Pelagia's goat).
In every period of worship these things take on the numinosity of faith, each with its inherent worth abruptly revealed.
Though I'm not entirely convinced of the value of some of the later Dickey, this scholar certainly has made me take a new look at several of those poems, especially "The Eyebeaters" and "Pine"--works that, in the light of Kirschten's sensitive readings, gain a new spiritual numinosity and psychological force.
And indeed his own statement about the numinosity of the vallis does not entirely exclude the possibility that the water-numen is praesens in some degree.