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a small nub (especially an undeveloped fruit or ear of corn)

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The cystic tumor exhibited thin anastomosing strands of squamoid and basaloid epithelium with peripheral palisading and small terminal basaloid nubbins (Figure 6).
When fall came and we "harvested" the crop, we found little more than nubbins and a few kernels of corn.
The buoyant weighing technique used by Franzisket (1964) and developed by Davies (1989) for nubbins of Porites porites has been used to measure calcification rates over time periods of less than a day.
Looking around the locker room after a game, I saw droopy boobs and asymmetrical pairs of left-big, right-deprived and little nubbins like mine, and realized that if you were hyped on getting women's bras off, you were probably courting disappointment.
Dad's first year of corn turned out to be nothing but nubbins.
smaller ones that cluster in a blizzard to the hard nubbins of sleet.
At one, everybody religiously rolls up their car windows--tight--because of the bad-tempered range mascot dog who likes to jump into your truck, shred and eat the seats, chew the door lock stems down to ragged nubbins, then puke into the ripped-open center console.
Testicular nubbins and prosthesis insertion: is it all just in the timing?
Baked in a very hot oven, the sauce reduces until the panch phoron seeds cling to the chicken and vegetables in chewy nubbins.
On her first injured night alone, curled up in a giantesses' backyard wren nest that becomes her foreseeable home, Flory comforts herself with thoughts of "warm things: the breast feathers of a bird, the softness of a mulberry leaf, the nubbins of pussy willow.
1500 calBR Nubbins located just below the vessel's lip are functionally interpreted as handles or suspension supports (Desilets et al.
The Rotary Size Grader removes short pieces, nubbins, loose seeds and snipped ends of vegetables while conveying good product to downstream equipment.
Nubbins were collected from similarly oriented areas of the colonies, and all were moderately infected with larval trematodes.
Depending on the exact locale, these make-believe animals go by a variety of names: trashheads, slickheads, nubbins, forkhorns, spikes, cowhorns, smashers, squeakers, ridge-runners, swamp bucks, mossbacks, muy grandes, bruisers, megabucks, monsters or yearlings.