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put into notation, as of music or choreography

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It has been suggested that the DNB may need endowments to underwrite notator and reconstructor positions.
We are determined," said Driver, "to get the notators back on staff.
For the first time, career alternatives such as dance librarian, notator, and stage lighting designer are profiled.
I should explain that I'm using the term, choreologist, to mean a dance notator who uses the Benesh system.
Unfortunately, even in a company with a long tradition of notators, you, as salaried company choreologist, may still find that the dancers, your colleagues, and the director have only a very rudimentary idea of what you do and what the process involves.
Being a notator is a challenging and exciting career.
Currently, there is more work available than there are notators.
And it bothers me because, as a notator, I respect the literature of the field.
During the rehearsal she watched the stage intently and conferred on easy terms with Wendy Walker, the Benesh notator who works with the MacMillan repertoire at ABT, and ABT ballet mistress Georgina parkinson, who looks after it, as well as with director Kevin McKenzie, assistant director Ross Stretton, and the lighting people.
The remaining performances presumably demonstrate what Treitler does not find in the singing of "Solesmes and their followers": "the vocal virtuosity, versatility, and sensuousness implicit in the written record made by notators of the Middle Ages" (p.
At present our main lack, in the absence of a yet more readily accessible notation system that would be as much part of a professional dancer's equipment as musical notation is of a professional musician, is the shortage of trained notators.
I think also that we ought to distinguish between the efforts of the first singers of florid organa dupla (not having in mind any of the extant examples), the problems of the first notators of this music (preceding the surviving examples by decades), and those of the early compilers of anthologies that preceded the sources that we have.
New kinds of dance professionals such as notators, regisseurs, and videographers soon arose to meet the demand for brand-name ballets staged in a satisfactory manner.
Its two-year objective aims to foster a better understanding and analysis of the mechanics of movement and its rapport with music and to train notators and reconstructors.