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an organization chartered for other than profit-making activities

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Second, there are many large not-for-profits that generate more than $10 million in economic activity that are snuggling or weak and are losing money.
It is time that CPAs and other advisors recognize that not-for-profits are also businesses and need to follow best business practices.
Bank of America Dallas (NYSE: BAC) has announced that it has appointed Richard Vitale as the leader of the bank's Not-For-Profit Healthcare And Institutions practice group for North and Central Texas.
Further, more and more of the people who do donate to not-for-profits demand that their gifts be used for specific purposes, which further increases the risk of fraud.
In some respects, directors and officers may be at a greater risk of liability in a not-for-profit company than they would be in a for-profit corporation, as many not-for-profits have smaller budgets, fewer personnel performing more functions, and often, less formal policies and procedures in place to protect them against claims.
Not-for-profits are realizing that in order to effectively pursue large-scale community development, they may need to partner with for-profits that bring a higher level of construction and financial expertise.
It really means that for-profits and not-for-profits use their positive cash flow in different ways.
Traditionally, not-for-profits have had special obligations to provide access to health-care services for the poor.
Focusing its long-term care analysis on the approximately 4,500-facility not-for-profit sector, Fitch has seen fit to give an investment-grade rating to only seven.
And when coupled with the additional problem of heightened competition from social-service not-for-profits, the future for arts institutions looks very uncertain.
In addition, all not-for-profits will be required to restructure their financial statements.
Use of data from the Inventory of Mental Health Organizations (National Institute of Mental Health 1983, 1986), revealed that not-for-profits provide more services and serve more of the underinsured, while for-profits serve the better insured, concentrate primarily on inpatient services, and serve more children, adolescents, and substance abusers.
Houston, Texas 40E Government, associations, not-for-profits Award of EXCELLENCE Entry: MEDLINK Winner: Mary J.
We greatly appreciate their efforts and their willingness to share specific ideas on how financial reporting about not-for-profits can be improved.