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Norse mythology is special in that it tells not only of how the Norse gods came to be, but also how they will meet their end.
Norse Mythology comes from an author best known for his award-winning fiction and fantasy; but here he departs somewhat from his approach of creating original works of fantasy to embellish his favorite traditional Norse myths, adding new life to these tales.
Due to this I think that this may be quite a niche book, appealing to those students interested in Norse mythology.
Named for the god of dawn in Norse mythology, Dellingr will study the ionosphere the outer region of Earths atmosphere populated by charged particles, ionized by incoming solar radiation and magnetospheric particle precipitation.
King's doodled for as long as he can remember, now focusing on subjects from Norse mythology.
To put it in terms of Norse mythology (with help from Mark Twain's dictum on word choices): you're never going to improve your thunderstorm predictions if you think Thor is wielding lightning bugs.
It is based on the island's Viking occupation in medieval times and twists it with a shot of Norse mythology and a real local folktale about a clan of werewolves who lived in the vicinity of Loch Langabhat.
The scene is only a seed of thought: "Thus a moment of desire in seeing an Arthur Rackham illustration of Norse mythology led Lewis to become an expert in Norse mythology.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: The world didn't come to |an end as was predicted in Norse mythology.
A paper-cut installation drawing on apocalyptic Norse mythology, reflecting upon the fluid and changeable state of our reality and the cyclical order of destruction and rebirth embedded in our landscape.
Alongside are shows with themes rooted in Britain, from Norse mythology and Shakespeare to Irish comedy and poetry - and a Bond spoof to leave audiences shaken and stirred
IN NORSE mythology, Valhalla is a great hall where slain warriors stay for ever.
In her Gospel of Loki, Joanne M Harris brings her fascination with Norse mythology from her previous children's literature foray to her long-standing adult audience - with wit, style, and obvious enjoyment.