Norman architecture

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a Romanesque style first appearing in Normandy around 950 AD and used in Britain from the Norman Conquest until the 12th century

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Then you wake up and need to go racing, to a charming, tree-strewn track that charges you the price of a British racecard to come in and enjoy vernacular Norman architecture (sort of mockTudor with a certain je ne sais quoi), decent food, a bit of art, a bit of chic, a bit for the kiddies and a curious card comprising the Group 1 - which the Brits take by storm - and a lot of races for amateurs or chevaliers, which the Brits take by storm.
The cathedral, which dates back to the 11th Century, is one of the most important examples of Norman architecture in Europe.
Palermo is the centre of Norman architecture in Europe and its cathedral is breath-taking.
Built in 1210, the castle is one of the finest examples of fortified Norman architecture in Ireland.
Much of the building was restored in the late 1860s but reminders of Norman architecture are to be found in the south doorway and the chancel arch.
Durham Cathedral's Norman architecture has survived largely intact.
e Cathedral is classed as one of the nest examples of Norman architecture in Europe and has what's believed to be the world's rst structural pointed arch, while the Castle was home for years to the Prince Bishops who governed the "bu$er zone" between England and Scotland from the late 11th Century until 1603.