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Arcieri of Webster, who was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus, or NPH, three years ago.
A confounding factor is that distended left renal vein can be a normal variant without collateral veins and with normal pressure gradient.
The basic approach is to burn coal at high pressures in highly purified oxygen, instead of in air at normal pressure as in conventional coal plants.
For example, in this issue Jackson and Billek-Sawhney provide a case report on physical therapy management accompanying the medical treatment for normal pressure hydrocephalus.
But neurosurgeon Ravi Nannapaneni said this isn't always the case - instead of always being dementia, this could be symptomatic of a condition called normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).
The design was quite revolutionary with many new features including a special high-pressure boiler producing steam at around three times the normal pressure and a streamlined exterior.
Once the task is completed, the DDC is gradually brought back to normal pressure over several days based on calculations, as the Divers continue to remain inside.
These are guys who normally have ice water in their veins, yet they made poor shots under greater than I normal pressure.
Kludi Rak's aerators have been designed to adjust according to different water pressure levels: low pressure, normal pressure, high pressure or no pressure.
Post-operative images of the patientAEs brain showed that the tumour was totally removed and the brain was under normal pressure.
El Ni[+ or -]o disrupts the normal pressure systems that in average years point the jet stream right at the Northwest.
Sailors have experienced crumbling plastic starter casings when normal pressure was applied in an attempt to remove them.
partial or full-thickness burns), the normal pressure of the epidermis exerted on the dermal, or underlying, layer is removed.
You should use normal pressure when cleaning with the new PasteFree prophy angle.