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United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)

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Cuando su nombre era Norma Jean Baker, antes de ser consagrada en la gran pantalla como Marilyn Monroe, la actriz poso desnuda en diversas sesiones fotograficas.
Born Norma Jean Baker, the daughter of a poor woman with a mental illness, she spent much of her life in foster homes and orphanages.
Marilyn was born Norma Jean Baker (Mortenson) on June 1 1926, in Los Angeles.
During just five sessions with regression therapist Fiona Childs, Vicens learned details of the life of Monroe - born Norma Jean Baker - he simply did not know before.
SPRINGFIELD - Norma Jean Baker of Springfield died Nov.
Mickey also helped launch unknown teenage actress Norma Jean Baker - better known as screen legend Marilyn Monroe - to stardom.
Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, and more famously baptised Norma Jean Baker, she was brought up a brunette orphan with a series of foster families.
Miss Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker (Mortenson) on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles.
Born Norma Jean Baker on June 1, 1926, at the charity ward of Los Angeles County hospital, she never knew her father.
Marilyn will always be remembered for the energy of her dancing and singing in classic movies such as Some Like it Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - but the tiny Norma Jean Baker obviously preferred taking it easy.
1926: Birth of American film star Marilyn Monroe: Original name Norma Jean Baker, Monroe was reared by 12 sets of foster parents and spent some time in a orphanage as the result of her mother's confinement to an asylum.
The earlier photo shows Marilyn, then Norma Jean Baker, in a black beret.