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port city located in southeastern Virginia on the Elizabeth River at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay

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I am only a simple Norfolk squire, but there is not a man in England who ranks his family honour more highly than I do.
If there are any pressing fresh developments, I shall be always ready to run down and see you in your Norfolk home.
We had not long to wait, for our Norfolk squire came straight from the station as fast as a hansom could bring him.
I expect that we shall be able to go down to Norfolk tomorrow, and to take our friend some very definite news as to the secret of his annoyance.
This message makes it even more essential that we should not lose an hour in letting Hilton Cubitt know how matters stand, for it is a singular and a dangerous web in which our simple Norfolk squire is entangled.
Dear, dear, one of the oldest families in the county of Norfolk, and one of the most honoured.
At last the violet rim of the German Ocean appeared over the green edge of the Norfolk coast, and the driver pointed with his whip to two old brick and timber gables which projected from a grove of trees.
He introduced himself as Inspector Martin, of the Norfolk Constabulary, and he was considerably astonished when he heard the name of my companion.
I at once came to Norfolk with my friend and colleague, Dr.
No plans at all, except that I might drift round to the Norfolk coast and look up some of the places where the governor used to paint.
The Fentolin who was my father's friend was just a very wealthy Norfolk squire - one of the best, from all I have heard.
It is true, too, that he comes of a very ancient Norfolk family.
But when Flambeau, like the prince himself, had left European celebrity and settled in England, it occurred to him that he might pay a surprise visit to this eminent exile in the Norfolk Broads.
It appeared that she and the butler were the only survivors of the prince's original foreign menage the other servants now in the house being new and collected in Norfolk by the housekeeper.
I still have a little house in Norfolk, with servants and a cellar, and if you want more from me you must take that.