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United States mathematician and founder of cybernetics (1894-1964)


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Norbert Wiener, polemizando abiertamente con Shannon, opto por definir la informacion como forma que intenta resistir, por un tiempo siempre limitado, la tendencia natural hacia la desorganizacion.
Dark Hero of the Information Age: in search of Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics, New York: Basic Books, 2005.
5] Norbert Wiener, The Fourier Integral and Certain of its Applications, New York, Dover Publications, 1958.
IN 1948 NORBERT WIENER, the father of cybernetics, wrote an urgent letter to Walter Reuther, the president of the Union of Automobile Workers.
Norbert Wiener, the "father of cybernetics," is the Chariot; Justice is "one world government"; the Moon is represented by transhumanism in its many forms.
Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics, had already speculated in his landmark book The Human Use of Human Beings about how an architect in Europe might use a fax-like machine to supervise the construction of a building in America.
Specifically Marsh addresses Gaddis' 1975 novelJR--which satirises the emergent world of asset-stripping and financialised capitalism--and in particular its relation to the writings of Norbert Wiener, widely regarded as the founder of cybernetics, and a sometime colleague and collaborator of Milton Friedman's.
La segunda parte inicia en el momento historico en el que se cerro la primera parte, y desarrolla de manera atrayente una relacion entre lo aportado por el New Deal: las ideas promovidas por Keynes respecto al Estado interventor y al bienestar; los desarrollos presentados por Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, Norbert Wiener y Douglas McGregor en la teoria de la administracion, abordando los metodos tanto conductista como sistemico, y las contribuciones realizadas desde los sistemas Justo a Tiempo y Gestion de Calidad Total.
Estas falencias son senaladas de manera mucho mas clara a posteriori, especialmente a partir de los trabajos de la cibernetica de Norbert Wiener y otros cientificos.
Describing developments from the middle of the 17th century onwards, his narrative discusses mathematical efforts to understand the value of options, while emphasizing the role of specific personalities such as Robert Brown, Albert Einstein, MIT mathematician Norbert Wiener, Russian theorist of probability Andrey Kolmogorov, and Japanese mathematician Kiyoshi Ito.
Mathematician Ioan James celebrates the contribution made by Jewish people in mathematics and physics, from Norbert Wiener to Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein.
Byrne draws from Everett's recently discovered unpublished papers, including correspondence with physicists Niels Bohr, Norbert Wiener, and his mentor John Wheeler, and interviews with friends, colleagues, and family, to present a fascinating biography of the scientist that delves into his life and career, family, and struggles with depression, alcoholism, and sexual addictions.
While this book was informed by the work of Norbert Wiener and reflects the hardware-software dualism of first-order cybernetics, Clarke argues that it also critiques the concept of "cybernetic perfection," which anticipates the development of second-order cybernetics.
Implicaciones eticas de la teoria cibernetica de Norbert Wiener
Her analysis of twentieth-century media theory in this chapter focuses on the cybernetic theory, first expressed by Norbert Wiener in 1948, that the cyborg is both steered by a "pilot" and governed by a "feedback mechanism" (88).