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without blood vessels


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BMI) and short-term outcomes (vascular complication, nonvascular in-lab and postprocedural complications occurring within 48 hours).
In contrast to vascular plants, nonvascular plants typically had lower cover at sodded sites compared to reference tundra.
For several decades synthetic biomaterials have been used to cover stents, primarily to treat nonvascular indications such as biliary, esophageal and ureteral strictures.
The causes of pulsatile tinnitus can be divided into vascular and nonvascular factors.
Those with neurological deficit caused by nonvascular causes were excluded from the study.
Increased preoperative glucose levels are associated with perioperative mortality in patients undergoing noncardiac, nonvascular surgery.
The investigational agent BCX4161 is a potent oral inhibitor of plasma kallikrein, which plays a key role in hereditary angioedema (HAE) by inducing vasodilation, edema, and nonvascular smooth muscle contraction.
Another reference (11) was retrieved from hand search of journals; however, this study did not include total mortality as a primary endpoint, but a stratified vascular and nonvascular mortality (which together maybe regarded as total mortality); thus we ended up with 2 studies (10, 11) plus the present study, for which we used ferritin in tertiles: lowest tertile T1 (range 1-55 [micro]g/L), second tertile T2 (56-126 [micro]g/L), and highest tertile T3 (127-1524 [micro]g/L).
In the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd edition (ICHD-II), the syndrome is under the topic of 'Headache attributed to nonvascular intracranial disorder'.
An incisional biopsy was performed under local anesthesia with a perioperative finding of nonvascular, thin-lined cystic lesion that peeled away easily.
6) Nonvascular conditions like palatal myoclonus present with clicking or low-pitched buzzing and may be a result of multiple sclerosis.
All nonvascular and vascular plants examined until now have been found to harbor endophytic microbes with the potential to produce novel secondary metabolites [2].
Comparing the 984 smokers with 1,625 never-smokers showed that current smokers had a 50% increase in annual mortality Their odds of death from vascular causes increased by nearly one-third, and from nonvascular causes by nearly two-thirds.
They cover the healthcare professional's responsibility, pain constructs, anatomical and physiologic considerations, comorbid conditions, and the neurophysiology, biopsychosocial model, and epidemiology of orofacial pain, then general assessment, diagnostic classification, vascular and nonvascular intracranial causes, primary headache disorders, episodic and continuous neuropathic pain, intraoral pain disorders, the diagnosis and management of TMD, cervicogenic mechanisms and extracranial causes of orofacial pain and headaches, the impact on sleep (a new chapter), and biobehavioral considerations.
Short-term effects of daily aspirin on cancer incidence, mortality, and nonvascular death: analysis it the time course of risks and benefits in 51 randomised controlled trials.