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the present occasion


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If the attacker can successfully predict the value of the nonce and return a reply first, the server will accept the attacker's response as valid.
I replied that it was a terrible nonce crime and he said to me `well, why?
The others [6,11,12,14] use nonces and one-way hash functions.
But prison sources have revealed that Huntley is settling in well to the tough jail and has made friends with other paedophiles and sex offenders, known as nonces.
He knows nonces, a prison term for someone who preys on children, are hated in prison.
He knows nonces (a prison term for someone who preys on children) are hated in prison.
In recent months we've had Alma's death (sad for her fans, tragic for Britain's mascara industry), rapes, blackmail, more shouting than Lulu and Sarah-Louise's unlikely encounter with glittering Gary in his Gap For Nonces cardigan.
Us neither but that doesn't mean we'll not be down the front like a pair of registered nonces at a nativity play screaming Pete
A source said: "These nonces, as they're known, are in constant fear for their safety.