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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion

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In the experiment, nonce words were presented in three language conditions: a Count context, with the numeral jeden 'one' after a negated verb (which requires the genitive case); a Mass context, with the quantifier troche 'some', and a Neutral context, as the object of a negated verb.
Three sets of nonce words were compiled, each comprising 13 items: 6 masculines, 4 feminines and 3 neuters.
A list of all the nonce words and more detailed descriptions of the materials are to be found in the Appendix.
Some of the nonce words (and in the initial stage of their creation they cannot be labelled differently) may--under certain circumstances--become neologisms and as such candidates for dictionary entries but, as we mentioned before, it depends on several crucial factors whether a new coinage has a chance for survival or not.
The present study's use of nonce words adds a different perspective to the consideration of models of speech perception.
Bisyllabic and trisyllabic nonce words were created with every possible combination of heavy and light syllables, and were synthesized to maintain a flat and unvarying F0 and intensity, as well as to give all vowels equal duration.
penultimate stress in words with a light, or open, final syllable and final stress in words with a heavy, or closed, final syllable) to be perceived in the nonce words.
The present and regular past-tense inflections were also elicited in two tasks where the children were asked to inflect nonce words originally constructed by Andersson and Emenius (1970).
For the regular past-tense inflections of nonce words, the children were first provided with a present-tense form and were asked to provide the corresponding infinitive form.
Therefore, we reasoned, if the nonce-item task itself was the problem, scores should be low even when infinitive inflections must be added to nonce words.
She asked Spanish speakers to indicate stress on nonce words and judge the acceptability of prestressed nonce words.
The experiment was a "paper-pencil" production test in which native speakers of Spanish were presented sentences that contained trisyllabic nonce words functioning as nouns.
We expect that if stress assignment is not strictly rule-based, speakers are likely to associate some nonce words from group 1 in (2) to existing proparoxytonic nominals (stress on the antepenultimate syllable) even if these nonce words are not intentionally designed to rhyme with existing words because of the relatively high number of this type of nominal in the lexicon (12.
CV) is represented by four different nonce words, so that the possible influence of the segmental composition of the test word could be reduced.
I remember a person living in Edinburgh once humorously coined a word Edinburghian [**], which is a good example of nonce word formation.