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not restricted to one sect or school or party



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AU attorneys asserted that federal courts have upheld only non-sectarian prayers at public university graduations and requested that the practice of sectarian prayers and songs be terminated at the school.
Part of the drive for Blaine amendments came from Republicans, who wanted to ensure that there would be universal, free and non-sectarian public education," Green said.
When Benjamin Franklin proposed a non-sectarian prayer addressed to the "Father of Light," it was overwhelmingly rejected.
In recent years, dozens of non-sectarian hospitals have merged with Catholic institutions.
In a friend-of-the-court brief, Americans United attorneys argue that the phrase has clear religious connotations, is not non-sectarian and that its use by the state furthers no secular purpose.
The conference's final panel examined charitable choice plans and the growing problems presented by mergers between sectarian and non-sectarian hospitals.
A plenary session on religion and the social services, examining emerging controversies on "charitable choice" and mergers between sectarian and non-sectarian hospitals.
The founder of the organization Talib Hussain Mughal said that their organization is non-sectarian and non-political organization and works in democratic way for achieving its goal.
She has had experience at Jewish organizations such as UJA-Federation of New York and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Federal institutions such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and non-sectarian organizations that advance human rights, bio-medical research and community welfare.
Established in 1932 as a women's college, Bennington College became co-educational in 1969 and is a private, non-sectarian, liberal arts college that offers degree programs in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and visual and performing arts.
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