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prose writing that is not fictional

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Everybody will be a major work of non-fiction that will examine the body in the modern era, combining themes of sexuality, gender, protest, art and personal experience.
The KLF-Pepsi Non-Fiction Prize of Rs 250,000 goes to the best non-fiction book originally written in English by a Pakistani or Pakistan-origin foreign national.
In the non-fiction sections, we learn about the real-life animals that played such an important part in the war.
Crime, competence (or lack of),and punishmentWinning the major award, Outstanding Documentary or Non-fiction Series, Making a Murderer is a difficult, heavy watch.
Chapter two discusses this systematization of the production of the city through non-fiction film in detail.
Molly Easton, who attends Whickham School, Gateshead, won both the poetry and the non-fiction categories in the 7-9 age group.
Publishing company Little, Brown Book Group revealed on Tuesday that it plans to launch Fleet, a new standalone literary fiction and non-fiction imprint, next May.
From full-length memoirs and autobiographies to the personal essay, the field of creative non-fiction prose is an increasingly popular field--all the more complicated by a history of the ethical and conventional challenges faced by authors in pursuit of cultural and historical truth.
I'm now working on a love story set in Glasgow and a non-fiction spirituality book.
But non-fiction gives us a new perspective on our world as it exists.
The documentary won three Emmys for "Outstanding Cinematography for Non-fiction Programming", "Outstanding Direction for Non-fiction Programming", and "Outstanding Picture Editing for Non-fiction Programming".
High Noon Books are high interest, low-vocabulary works of fiction and non-fiction that are ideal for teaching reading skills to the reading impaired.
The ex-Unicef head's memoir When We Dance made the top spot in the paperback non-fiction chart after selling 1,037 copies.
For professional writers considering writing for the young adult (YA) market, this guide provides a practical discussion of considerations for writing for a younger audience and explores key features in fiction and non-fiction writing for several age groups.
Feature films must be a work of fiction and non-fiction that equals or exceeds 60 minutes in length.