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meiosis in which there is a failure of paired homologous chromosomes to separate

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Thus, the mechanism causing triploidy was more likely to have been either dispermy or a non-disjunction event in meiosis 1 and very unlikely to have been due to an event in meiosis 2.
1976) and caused chromosomal non-disjunction effects (Ramel 1973).
Given that there is little detailed information on the architecture of chromatin associated to DSCR, in this study, through an extensive biotechnology analysis, a series of co-genomic variables were evaluated, permitting the characterization of the topological state of the critical regions associated to DS that would be implicated in processes of non-disjunction and in epigenetic events.
Trisomy arises due to a non-disjunction of chromosomes, which is when a pair of chromosomes fails to separate.
Aneuploidy arising from chromosomal non-disjunction (NDJ) is particularly problematic for students, since it arises in the context of meiosis, itself a challenging subject.
Subsequently non-disjunction and chromosome loss (single or more), in these cells may lead to aneuploidy and mosaicism in cleavage and blastocyst stage embryos.
Non-disjunction in human sperm: evidence for an effect of increasing paternal age.
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