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a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs

the practice of nonconformity

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Visionaries and seekers who have been separated from their own people by the events of history as well as by their own non-conformism, these men and women constitute what Arendt calls a "tacit," "latent," or "hidden" tradition ("The Jew" 68).
In this essay Ibarrola sets out to explore the combination between the psychological complexities of this narrative trope, which he considers "alien" to the literature of the American West, and the traditional topics in the fiction of the region, such as social non-conformism, masculine bonds and, in particular, the clash between wilderness and civilization, here embodied by the divergent life paths of the novel's mirror protagonists.
He states it this way: "One of the key questions is whether Mennonite churches will allow the typical anxiety and attempts to salvage the traditional and institutional church to preoccupy their agenda, or whether they can open up to what was a mark of early Anabaptism: non-conformism, faith, and compassionate Gelassenheit" (398).
Yet Hesse's defiant non-conformism was also bolstered by her conviction that women artists were, as she wrote in her diaries, 'at a disadvantage from the beginning'--particularly in a mid-20th-century art world dominated by the machismo of Abstract Expressionism and the austerities of male-dominated Minimalism.
Non-conformism or dissent via failure to attend church services under the authority of the seventeenth century Church of England could, for instance, result in physical incarceration.
Sadly, for a sub-culture built on energy and non-conformism, too many of those colours proved to be anything but vibrant.
Non-conformism here refers to the Protestant sects which separated themselves from the Established Church of England after the Civil Wars in the middle of the seventeenth century.
However, government policy and academic discourses of inclusivity mostly ignore or do not accommodate non-conformism or eccentricity, and instead more frequently problematise non-normative behaviour or characteristics as a social pathology.
7) The flipside was that any time young people showed signs of cultural non-conformism, out of line with the socialist values and beliefs fostered by state education, socialist regimes strove to discipline and 're-educate' them.
English Heritage said there were better memorials to Welsh non-conformism in Liverpool - and the Penny Lane link was just not strong enough.
The Soviet experience teaches that you have to stay strong, choose non-conformism, and fight your enemies.
Ian Ayris, Newcastle City Council's head of historic environment, said: "It is quite a significant building as it represents the spread of non-conformism as Newcastle developed in the 1820s and is a reminder of the importance of the town at the beginning of the 19th Century.
In Salander's case, the state actively colludes in the crimes against her, in retaliation for her intense non-conformism.
The museum's local history gallery depicts the development of Llanidloes during the last three centuries including the mining and woollen industries, the building of the railway, the importance of religion and non-conformism and the Chartist movement.
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