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cannot be bought or sold

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The focus of these projects is on prevention and non-negotiable support so we can intervene early and stop young people getting into a situation where their bad behaviour can spiral out of control - and some enforcement has to be used.
Nato's demands remain clear and unchanged and are non-negotiable," said Mr Robertson.
As players with more than two but less than three years' service, Rodriguez, reliever Brendan Donnelly, starting pitcher John Lackey and outfielder Juan Rivera will have today and Tuesday to mull non-negotiable offers from the club or face having their contracts renewed.
The Fire Brigades' Union said it was forced to take industrial action after leaders were presented with non-negotiable proposals from employers ahead of talks at conciliation service Acas.
All cars are clearly marked with one bottom-line non-negotiable price for everyone.
Fitness gurus say exercise should be non-negotiable, like eating or sleeping.
Deputy Commissioner John Stevens, who will run the strategy, said: "Implementation is non-negotiable, as integrity is non-negotiable.
dealer body has always been one of our highest priorities," he stressed, "because a high level of dealer satisfaction ultimately creates an even higher level of customer satisfaction -- a non-negotiable objective in our tremendously competitive market segment.
There's a consensus around the table that the emergency room, open 24-7, is a non-negotiable,'' said county Supervisor Kathy Long, who is part of a 10-member community task force that is looking for ways to keep the hospital open.
5m, German champions Borussia Dortmund insisted the golden boy of Czech football was going nowhere unless their non-negotiable asking price was met in full.
Dealers of other brands have also offered non-negotiable pricing, but Saturn started the trend when the car was introduced in 1990.
He even went so far as to agree on a non-negotiable asking price of pounds 1.
1 million tons of sand and gravel is non-negotiable.
NATO officials presented the Yugoslav delegation with a six-page document on Saturday, which they said was non-negotiable.
That is of utmost important to him and to most Serbs, who see the Connecticut-sized province as a non-negotiable part of their homeland.
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