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peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed the link between non-violence, peace and nature as he observed the International Day of Non Violence.
All the leaders called for harmony amongst different communities and reiterated that all religions stand for peace and non violence.
We are followers of Bacha Khan believing in non violence but whatever hurdles would b e created in our way we would face it badly and would not leave our message.
But in other circumstances, especially where the overwhelming balance of force is on one side, a pro-active non violence can be very effective.
The long sag of non violence among the Pashuns just over 60 years ago will seem incredible to those who are unaware of the association between 'Gandhi' and 'Pashtun', words that appear to be poles apart in the world of today's Taliban.
Explaining Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of satyagraha, the ambassador said: "The great visionary didn't propagate passive non violence.
Terrence J Rynne, Gandhi and Jesus: The Saving Power of Non Violence, Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, 2008, 228 pp.