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Synonyms for noise

Synonyms for noise

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

the sensation caused by vibrating wave motion that is perceived by the organs of hearing


to engage in or spread gossip

Synonyms for noise

the auditory experience of sound that lacks musical quality

a loud outcry of protest or complaint

incomprehensibility resulting from irrelevant information or meaningless facts or remarks

Related Words

the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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The radio noise floor is the level of unavoidable radio static in
A masking system addresses these issues by distributing a background sound throughout the facility, raising the noise floor to a comfortable 42dBA to 48dBA, or higher where required.
In five of these seven ears, DPOAE amplitudes were significantly above the noise floor at 500 Hz, 750 Hz, and 1 kHz and below the noise floor at the higher frequencies.
More complex or broadband jitter will raise the converter noise floor.
It has the same low noise floor as a half-inch microphone and optimised multifield response.
TABLE I MA4IQP900M-1291 MODULATOR/DEMODULATOR TYPICAL PERFORMANCE Frequency (MHz) 850 to 960 Carrier suppression (dBc) 39 Sideband suppression (dBc) 30 3 X I (dBc) 60 5 X I (dBc) 96 Output noise floor (dBm/Hz) -163 ACPR (dB) 68 Phase balance ([degrees]) 2.
The energy of multiple pulses from different devices stepping on one another, were they to occur in the same instant in time, can have a cumulative effect and potentially bring their cumulative energy out of the noise floor.
Designed for TETRA use in the 200 to 600 MHz band, the RF2485 features a broadband noise floor of -149 dBm/Hz typical at 5 MHz offset along with ACPR of -48 dBc typical at 25 kHz.
In order to establish whether DPOAEs were detectable in each perforation condition, we adopted a criterion threshold of 3 dB above the noise floor.
A key parameter determining the mechanical noise floor of an AFM is the mechanical path length--the distance through the AFM frame--between the probe and the sample.
Both models have typical phase noise of -142 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and noise floor down to -183 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset.
For this to hold true, the noise floor of the ADC must be adequately below the noise floor of the analog chain.
The resulting flat-line waveform shows the noise floor of the oscilloscope at a particular V/div setting.
The CVSS-940 is a true sinewave voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCX0) providing 150 dBc/Hz noise floor and [+ or -] 50 ppm minimum APR pullability.
This module provides +20 dBm of RF output power and operates with low phase noise of -90 dBc/Hz at a 10 Hz offset from the carrier, and -170 dBc/Hz on the noise floor at 100 MHz.