no man's land

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Synonyms for no man's land

an unoccupied area between the front lines of opposing armies

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land that is unowned and uninhabited (and usually undesirable)

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the ambiguous region between two categories or states or conditions (usually containing some features of both)

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Why did they give the order to go out into no-mans land.
IOM, with teams working on the border at Salloum and at Marsa Matroh further inland, has begun registration of the non-Egyptian migrants in no-mans land in order to organize their evacuation.
he lived most of his life in a kind of no-mans land somewhere between the flickering shadows of his own thoughts and the inflow of ideas from other people.
As provocative a car as any from this period, the Supra remains sought after thanks to its combination of performance, reliability and low prices as the car is still common enough to be found readily and sits in the no-mans land between new desirability and classic appreciation.
ARMISTICE Day will see soldiers from Chesterbased 1st Battalion The Royal Welch Fusiliers visit no-mans land in France to recreate an historic football match.
Leigh Bromby's chip forward was probably delivered more in hope than expectation but after Darren Ward missed his kick, with Hennessey in no-mans land just behind him, Beattie nipped in to head home without thought of the buffeting he was going to take in the process.
Now we are left in a no-mans land of grief and frustration that her killer hasn't been caught .
But a no-mans land is about to be declared by former UN commander in Bosnia, Colonel Bob Stewart, an experienced negotiator, who in this new, four-part series hopes to bring peace to the home front again.
100 rounds, 2 bombs [grenades] and 2 sandbags per man were issued; reconnaissance of no-mans land was completed and troops prepared themselves for what was to come.
The European Union's immigration policy is currently in a no-mans land, she said, referring to the EU pillar structure.
Is this a no-mans land for business, or lust business as usual in a different culture?
It clearly does not think the sector is a no-mans land.
Leonhardsen got the decisive touch after a combined move down the right, featuring Robbie Earle and Marcus Gayle, had caught Liverpool keeper David James in no-mans land.
Shocking tackling allowed second rower, Calvin Hopkins to romp over for a try after only seven minutes, and again the defence was caught in no-mans land on 32 minutes when Ronnie Sharp went over adding the second.
I have studied Monaghan in great detail this year watching them four times during the league and contrary to what many people believe, I think they are in no-mans land in football terms.