no man's land

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Synonyms for no man's land

an unoccupied area between the front lines of opposing armies

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land that is unowned and uninhabited (and usually undesirable)

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the ambiguous region between two categories or states or conditions (usually containing some features of both)

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Bangladesh has refused to accept Rohingya Muslims now living in the borderland while Myanmar does not basically recognize the region as a no-man's-land.
On June 29, 1918, Joseph was in a party laying barbed wire in no-man's-land.
Operating in no-man's-land, whether patrolling or raiding, must have improved individuals' battle craft in a manner training never could.
The promise of Australian director David Michod's "Animal Kingdom" is amply realized in "The Rover," a post-apocalyptic road movie of sorts set a decade after some unspecified cataclysm has turned the world--or at least one far-off corner of it--into a mercenary no-man's-land.
And that no-man's-land between rich and poor countries has been filled in by China, India, Brazil, and others.
But it's a feature found in the no-man's-land Tnr region of the Sahara Desert that really raises eyebrows.
Desperate men, women and children fearfully crossed over a no-man's-land, clutching plastic bags and small suitcases.
Soon emissaries from both camps were meeting in no-man's-land to exchange whiskey and cigars.
These approximately 60 Iraqis are stuck in the middle, inhabiting a veritable no-man's-land as the cold winter begins to set in.
Mugabe along with Michael Sata, Zambian president, signed an agreement in the no-man's-land on Victoria Falls Bridge with UN's World Tourism Organisation.
The UN operated a Truce Supervisory Organisation (UNTSO), staffed by a corps of officers from different countries, headquartered in a piece of no-man's-land in Jerusalem, and empowered to investigate complaints of violations of the GAAs.
Seen from a historical distance, the heterotopia lies not only in the stopped ships in the no-man's-land between the fronts, but also, and perhaps principally, in the changing constellation of verifiable and convincing pieces of imagined memory.
Whether set in South America (Le retour de Lorenzo Sanchez, 2008) or in an unnamed no-man's-land (La gare, 2005), his novels, written in French, are often characterized by similar traits: the perplexing experience of exile; the inherently absurd quest for a vanished identity; an individual lost in an incomprehensible, totalitarian societal system reminiscent of Kafka's world; the symbolism of chess-playing and its various strategies; and the challenging encounter with literature.
The last thing the UK wants is for Kusa to languish, at taxpayers' expense, in legal no-man's-land.
No-man's-land an imposing battle field, Men still fighting injuries un-healed Burns on their skin, Gashes un-sealed.