no man's land

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Synonyms for no man's land

an unoccupied area between the front lines of opposing armies

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land that is unowned and uninhabited (and usually undesirable)

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the ambiguous region between two categories or states or conditions (usually containing some features of both)

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MP Lin Lin Oo said that he and another local lawmaker today petitioned the speaker of the upper house to raise a motion to assist the 3,000 miners and family members who have been caught in a precarious no-man's land.
The no-man's land has been uninhabited by people since the armistice in 1953.
The post Aid trucks for Syria wait in no-man's land on Turkish border appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Mr Hunt said: "Because of the vote we are now left in a no-man's land that, if it continues, can only damage the NHS.
But it said the operation was a failure, as 10 pallets were unaccounted for, seven landed in no-man's land and four were damaged.
is in a Kafkaesque situation -- for the past five months this refugee from Syria has been stuck in a no-man's land at an Istanbul airport, unable to enter the country, but unable to leave.
These posts were set in no-man's land, the region between the opposing armies' trenches, with barbed wire strung through the loops forming an entanglement to slow the advancing enemy.
It proved a crucial save as Giroud handed Arsenal the lead with 13 minutes left after a deep free-kick from Cazorla caught Neuer in no-man's land, allowing the Frenchman to stoop to head into the empty net.
But hundreds remain in a rain-soaked no-man's land outside the border.
Security forces had strengthened the barricades along the Greek border, where the mainly Middle Eastern migrants have been stranded in a no-man's land for several days.
During the half-time break, Greta Owens, whose father Kannonier Max Wilms was in the German Artillery, led the crowd in the singing of Stille Nacht, Silent Night, which soldiers from both sides sang when they met in No-Man's Land at Christmas 1914.
Lebanon has been mulling the establishment of refugee camps either in Syrian territories or in no-man's land in a bid to cope with crisis.
Four French journalists held hostage in Syria for nearly a year arrived in France on Sunday after they were found abandoned in no-man's land on the Turkish border.
Malala and her father helped several of the refugees from the no-man's land that separates the two nations to sanctuary in Jordan.
An anonymous North Sinai government officials said the military were planning to create a no-man's land measuring 500 meters by 10 kilometers, free of trees and homes, and have been testing the idea by bulldozing homes in the regions with tunnels underneath them, AP reported.