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Synonyms for low-cost

low in price

Synonyms for low-cost

that you have the financial means for

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When shopping at a No Frills store, Canadians get the same quality fresh produce as offered by other grocery stores, but at a lower price.
Country: USASector: Food/Beverages/Tobacco, Wholesale/RetailTarget: No Frills SupermarketsBuyer: U Save Foods Inc , Nash Finch Company Vendor: No Frills executivesType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Rising fuel prices and increasing pressure from the massive rise in no frills operations around Europe means there is fierce price competition for passengers.
Despite wind and heavy rain overshadowing the event, No Frills battled through to take fourth position.
After joining Loblaws in 1976 as operations manager in the then-new No Frills division, Lederer rose through a number of positions of increasing responsibility.
a Nash Finch wholly-owned subsidiary, has entered into an agreement to purchase the No Frills Supermarkets.
In 1987 Loblaw "decided to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of local ownership, and created No Frills franchise operations," the retailer recounted in a statement.
The gap is expected to narrow between traditional and no frills air fares in 2004 following increases from no frills airlines towards the end of last year.
He said there had been major over capacity in the leisure market last year, adding: ``The golden age of the no frills carriers has gone.
Today the retailer offers four different stores, all rooted in price: Franklins No Frills, Franklins Fresh, Big Fresh and, most recently, Cheaper Choice.
Service will operate daily using a 244-seat Boeing 767-300 aircraft configured with 24 Business-Class, 60 Premium-Economy and 160 No Frills seats.
As store director for a No Frills Supermarket in Omaha, Neb.
Ryanair's no frills strategy does not only mean a cut in Cabin crew, but also allows for a faster pre-flight preparation, thereby reducing the time grounded as well maintaining low fare.
No Frills & MBA Poultry Donate 2 Tons of Chicken to Metro Omaha Needy OMAHA, Neb.