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In the present study, we aimed to determine whether NMES application had any effect on GHS using USG imaging.
Previously, positive effects of NMES on GHS in hemiplegic patients were reported in several studies.
Unfortunately, common NMES use for muscle strengthening does not allow for the training of the aerobic system.
Being capable of possibly meeting the current exercise guidelines puts NMES in a position to provide support to patients who may benefit from exercise but due to their illness are not able to.
Due to the methodological quality of the available studies and some mysteries in the physiopathology of swallowing, evidences still remain inadequate although some effects of NMES have been shown.
Nevertheless, since NMES is a cheap and easily applied treatment free from side-effects, I believe that it would be beneficial for patients if we adopt it in our clinical practice.
Ek olarak uygulanan NMES tedavisinin tutukluk, yurume ve merdiven inip cikma gibi gunluk yasam aktiviteleri uzerine ek faydalari tespit edilmistir.
NMES uygulamasinin agri acisindan klasik tedavi programina ek bir faydasi olmadigi dusuncesindeyiz.
Address : Colise 2 - 1Er tage1 Rue Du Colise 30947 Nmes Cedex 9
The purpose of this contract is to entrust a service provider with the guarding and surveillance missions of the muse de la romanit in nmes.
Services concession: Provision of services and operation of a multimedia service for hospitalized patients at chu de nmes
Contract notice: realization of road painting works on the public transport network of the agglomeration community of nmes mtropole