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53) However, because countries as a whole are classified as either market economies or NMEs, no hybrid categorization exists.
Despite the Federal Circuit's opinion in Georgetown Steel, petitioners continued their efforts to reverse the DOC's policy of not applying the countervailing duty law to imports from NMEs.
Participants attended the Human Performance Laboratory in University College Dublin for an NMES familiarization session (Table 1).
No subject had been previously exposed to NMES before this study.
We were then given a brief tour of Nmes - the scorching weather and lively atmosphere made me want to stay longer.
Since the NMES was conducted before state health insurance reform while the MEPS was conducted after the passage of most reforms, using these two data sets provides an indication of the change in employment distortions in small firms over time.
Problems at manufacturing facilities lengthened review times for both standard and priority NMEs.
The package includes first-class train from Waterloo to Nmes, six nights in twin cabins, six breakfasts, five lunches and six dinners.
NMES, although now a decade old, remains the best available data set for simulating the changes in coverage associated with parity.
Orphans represent a greater proportion of all new BLAs than they do of NMEs submitted as NDAs.
The CyMedica QB1 allows the surgeon to combine three best-in-class products to allow the orthopedic surgeon to treat "every" patient like a professional athlete: a postoperative knee brace, a form-fitting conductive garment, and a user-friendly NMES control interface.
Third-most NMEs or novel drugs launched in last decade: The number of NMEs launched in 2013 was the third-highest in the last decade.
Brits Icon: Elton John ITV Wales, 9pm Apparently there aren't enough backslapping music awards shows on the box, what with the Brits, Grammys, Mobos, NMEs and assorted other peripheral gong shows.