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a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol

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They were arrested on December 3, 1974, and charged with possession of explosive nitro-glycerine after five people were killed and 54 injured when two bombs exploded in Guildford and Woolwich in October 1974.
Double-based propellants are so called because their two main components are nitro-glycerine and nitro-cellulose.
In the 19th century there was even a group plotting to blow up Parliament with nitro-glycerine manufactured in a secret factory near Birmingham.
The Times reported: "On one page, under the title 'Explosivija za Oklahomu,' the owner of the notebook had scribbled formulas with inscriptions in English for TNT, ammonium nitrate and nitro-glycerine.
When his mountaineering little sister (Robin Tunney) becomes trapped on the top of K2 with a millionaire buisinessman (Bill Paxton), Chris comes to the rescue with a rag-tag band of volunteers with a stash of nitro-glycerine strapped to their backs.
Angina tablets are blockaded as they contain minute quantities of nitro-glycerine and, the theory goes, they could have a "dual use.
In drug mode, the Sabre 2000 can detect and identify cocaine, heroin, and many others, while in explosive mode it can detect Semtex, Nitro-glycerine, TNT and many more.
Like nitro-glycerine, he only needs a shoogle for him to explode.
Fire was used to decontaminate the buildings and rid them of any unexploded nitro-glycerine left behind, and the site has changed dramatically since then.
In science, based on nitro-glycerine, what D is an explosive invented by Alfred Nobel in 1866?