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fragile branching stoneworts

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2005) y Sakayama (2008) describen con MEB la morfologia interna de la POC fracturada en varias especies del genero Nitella identificando tres patrones morfologicos: el homogeneo, el debilmente esponjoso y el fuertemente esponjoso.
2010, 2012), pero no para los anterozoides de las especies de Nitella (Turner, 1968; Vouilloud et al.
Group C Value Fidelity IN CR Taxon IN CR IN CR A A Chara braunii N N N N A A Chara globularis N N N N A A Chara foliolosa N N N N A A Myriophyllum spicatum N N N N A A Nitella flexilis N N N N A A Riccia fluitans N N N N A A Ricciocarpus natans N N N N A C Ceratophyllum demersum 1 5 EL M A A Typha latifolia 1 1 EL EL B C Elodea canadensis 3 5 L M B D Junuos effusus 3 7 L H B C Lemna minor 3 5 L M B C Lycopus americanus 3 5 L M B D Persicaria hydropiperoides 3 7 L H B C Sagittaria latifolia 3 4 L M B C Stuckenia pectinata 3 5 L M C E Brasenia schreberi 4 10 M EH C C Carex comosa 6 5 M M C C Cephalanthus occidentalis 5 5 M M C D Heteranthera dubia 4 8 M H C D Lemna trisulca 6 7 M H C C Najas flexilis 5 6 M M C D Nuphar advena 6 7 M H C D Nymphaea odorata subsp.
Chara, Nitella, and Coleochaete) have plasmodesmata, as do land plants.
This last fact is potentially enlightening, because (for example) of Mandal and Ray's (2001) cytotaxonomic study of the genus Nitella (Charophyceae), in which a uniform chromosome number of n = 18 was found.
Associated finds of Najas pectinata seeds and oogonia of the charophyte Nitella sp.
The depth interval 29-31 cm ([tilde]1960) represents a distinct peak in papyrus-seed abundance and contains the only Nitella fossils recovered from Unit III.
Aqui las mayores profundidades colonizadas por macrofitos, principalmente Nitella flexilis, fue de unos 4m (Fig.
Since PGs are presumed to have their action in membranes, and also since it is known that applied PG increased membrane permeability to potassium ions in Nitella flexilis (J.
that prostaglandin increased membrane permeability to potassium ions in Nitella flexilis only in the presence of calcium ions.
In a long living cell of green algae, Nitella or Chara, the thin layer of the endoplasm is observable streaming very fast at a peed of ~50 [micro]m/s just beneath the cell wall by light microscopy.
1956) Velocity distribution of the protoplasmic streaming in Nitella cells.
Likewise, in order to understand the complex behaviors of whole plants, some plant physiologists have turned to the giant algal cells, such as Chara and Nitella, where vegetative and reproductive growth and development, adaptive physiological mechanisms, and nutrient uptake and translocation can be readily studied (Amino & Tazawa, 1989; Andjus & Vucelic, 1990; Barber, 1911a, 1911b; Beilby et al.
The most frequent genera in each life form included the following: emergent -- Hymenachne, Urochloa and Eleocharis; rooted submerged -- Chara, Nitella, Egeria and Hydrilla; free floating -- Eichhornia and Salvinia; amphibious -- Panicum; floating leaved -- Nymphoides and Nymphaea; free submerged -- Utricularia; epiphyte -- Oxycaryum.
Otras plantas de menor importancia que existen en el Lago San Pablo son: Elodea matthewsii, Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, Lemna minor, Azolla caroliniana, Potamogeton pusillus y Nitella flexilis.