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the seventh month of the civil year

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Along with the charge involving her husband, Cade pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon involving that woman, Nison said.
We also added noted cannabis publicist and activist Evan Nison as our press agent.
Other expert panelists included Ronald McCain, the director of the Facade Integrity Audit Unit at the DOB, Glen Nison from the NYC Department of Sanitation's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, John Nettleton of the Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Mitchel Konca of OSHA, Carmen Rainieri of FAI Construction Consultants, and Dan Wollman of Gumley Haft management.
Edward Mack, qualified; Edward Nison, not qualified.
com; Steve Nison, technical analysis expert and founder of CandleCharts.
I look forward working with eSignal users in providing my indicator and educational services," said Steve Nison, CEO and founder Candlecharts.
There's a substantial amount of money to be made in this,'' said prosecutor Edward Nison of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office's environmental crimes division.
Prosecutor Ed Nison said Grace explained their decision against refiling was supported by District Attorney Gil Garcetti.
The team will be headed by Evan Nison, the Executive Director of NORML New Jersey and Co-Founder and Director of New York Cannabis Alliance.
And while co-prosecutor Ed Nison got mixed assessment on whether the office could win, Nison had confidence in the basic facts of the case.
Deputy District Attorney Ed Nison said prosecutors would not comment on an ongoing case.
Those who register for the event will have access to TOP traders, including Chris Lori, Forex Fund Manager, Dean Malone of Compass FX, and Steve Nison, the Godfather of candlestick trading.
Prosecutor Edward Nison of the district attorney's hard-core gang unit claims Woldemariam was killed because he "mouthed off" to the rap performer and his friends and flashed rival gang signs.
Implementing agency : Perifereia Attikis, Geniki Dieythynsi Oikonomikon, Dieythynsi Oikonomikon Perifereiakis Enotitas Nison, Tmima Promitheion