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the seventh month of the civil year

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Ayrica Nisan 2012'de duzenlenen KIP konferansinda Cuce'ye bagliligin alti bir kez daha cizilirken, Kim Il-sung'un dogumunun yuzuncu yil anmalarinda Cuce'yi ve militarist politikalari surdurme kararliligi dunyaya bir kez daha resmi olarak ilan edilmistir.
We therefore also give the Gregorian date of Nisan 15 on the hypothetical observational version of the calendar.
This council also resolved that Easter should be fixed on a Sunday, not on day 14 of Nisan.
Nuwar Nisan, Arabic for Blossoms of April, is going to be held on Thursday and Friday in the old town of Ramallah.
Fearing the repeat of such harrowing experiences, Nisan asked her mother if the Holocaust can happen again.
Marking Aliyah Day in honor of the 10th of Nisan codifies in legislation who was here first.
Originally from Gujarat in Pakistan, Mr Javeed leaves behind his wife Aisha Nisan, 46, daughter Lilas, 30, three sons aged 24, 12 and 11, and a three-year-old granddaughter.
Originally from Gujarat in Pakistan, Mr Javeed leaves behind his wife Aisha Nisan, 46, daughter Lilas, three sons aged 11, 12 and 24, and a three-year-old granddaughter.
Reportedly, Abdulkadir Oy-uz was attacked after he left a business center on 23 Nisan Street in central YE-ksekova on Monday night.
Clark Commercials are already in Edinburgh and Dundee, where vans on offer include many of the hardworking, hard-wearing Volkswagen range, such as the Transporter, Crafter and Caddy, as well as the popular Nisan vehicles like the NV 200 and the NV 400, as well as their electric vehicles.
The developments came on the same day as Peshmerga forces liberated the villages of Albu Mohammad, located some 30 kilometers (18 miles) South of Kirkuk, Minor Tal Rabiah, Major Tal Rabiah, Sheikh Saleh, situated 45 kilometers (27 miles) South of Kirkuk, Zaklawa, Samoud and 7 Nisan (April 7) following heavy exchanges of fire with ISIL terrorists.
The single-story residence was designed, per listing details, by celebrated architect Nisan Yale Matlin.
Renault's factory at Flins, near Paris, will build the new Nisan Micra, which was made in Sunderland until 2010.
Brwant Nisan Markos, a Kurdish MP from the Armenian bloc stated that they?
The feature directorial debut of Turkish filmmakers Esra Saydam and Nisan Dag, Across the Sea, tells the story of a New york couple, Damla, a Turkish native, and her American husband, Kevin.