Niobrara River

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a tributary of the Missouri River

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A portion of the Niobrara River was declared off limits for public use and a part of Nebraska Highway 12 was closed earlier, but reopened on Wednesday afternoon.
The Niobrara River bottoms and parts of the Nebraska National Forest in northwest Nebraska have some amazing turkey habitat.
Aquatic macrophytes or algae may be found along shorelines or forming mid-channel beds, particularly in the Niobrara River, but are less common than shoreline grasses.
The ringed crayfish has been collected from the Republican, Big and Little Blue, Platte, Loup, and Niobrara River basins in Nebraska.
Visitors to the Center, located approximately seventy miles from her birthplace on the Niobrara River and her last home in the sandhills to the east are greeted by the bronze likeness (photo right) at the front of the museum-library.
Ponderosa pine forests and savannas surround the Niobrara River Valley and Long Pine Canyon.
The Pine Ridge, located in northwest Nebraska, and the Niobrara River Valley are the only locations across the modern grasslands where boreal, eastern deciduous, and non-riparian features of the Rocky Mountains come together.
The presence of this species in a deep mesophytic ravine harboring other relictual species reinforces data from vascular-plant studies documenting these habitats in the Niobrara River Valley as a postglacial corridor and refugium of considerable phytogeographic significance (Kaul et al.
BROWN County: Meadville, on soil, Kiener 11292; Keller State Recreation Area, 15 km NE of Ainsworth, on soil, Morgan and Egan 220; CHERRY: City Park, Valentine, on soil, Wetmore 13089B; Lower Boardman Creek, on soil, Kiener 29538; DAWES: Nebraska National Forest, 30 km SW of Chadron, on mosses over soil, Morgan and Egan 373; 19 km SW of Chadron, on soil, Morgan 565; HAMILTON: NW of Marquette, on soil, Kiener 26463; KEYA PAHA: Niobrara Valley Preserve, 8 km SW of Norden, on mosses on soil, Morgan and Egan 323; ROCK: Niobrara River N of Bassett, Kiener 11245; THOMAS: Bessey Division of Nebraska National Forest, 8 km SW of Halsey, on soil, Morgan 517.
Nebraska's eastern deciduous, hardwood forests are largely restricted to the southeast corner of the state, the west bank of the Missouri River, and the Niobrara River in its eastern third.
12) are found only in the northwestern corner of Nebraska in the Pine Ridge escarpment and, to a lesser extent, in the western reaches of the Niobrara River valley.
Long before environmentalists relearned the basics of grassroots activism at Yellowstone, Ron Klataske was practicing them on the Niobrara River.
Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) has monitored fish populations annually (except 1998) since 1993 on the Niobrara River in Nebraska, in the vicinity of Spencer Hydropower Project before and after "flushing" or "sluicing" activities.
It will, if constructed, take its raw, tar sands carbon down through the agricultural heartland of the United States--through the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers, the great Ogallala aquifer, fragile natural habitats and Native American lands.