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1 million b/d and Niobrara generation will fall by 24,000 b/d to 344,000 b/d.
With this acquisition, SandRidge will have a material, derisked Niobrara Shale position in the North Park Basin, Jackson County, Colorado.
The Bucking Horse Plant positions us for additional and continued growth in the Niobrara Shale," said Walter Bennett, senior vice president, Williams' West operating area.
We conducted the first survey of Peromyscus and their fleas in the Niobrara Chalk Barrens.
The center of the early waves of Niobrara exploration and production are being felt most keenly in Greeley, a longtime center of oil activity in Colorado.
Aquatic macrophytes or algae may be found along shorelines or forming mid-channel beds, particularly in the Niobrara River, but are less common than shoreline grasses.
This has proven a great way to contact visitors who are on the water, but not all visitors to the Niobrara float the river.
DHS Rig-18 has spudded the Battle Mountain 14-10L well, which is the first of a minimum 3 well Niobrara Shale Oil appraisal drilling program in 2011.
The D-J Basin is part of the Niobrara Shale Formation, which has seen increased production due to horizontal drilling.
Nebraska has two tribal colleges that could benefit: Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago and Nebraska Indian Community College, which has campuses in Macy, Niobrara and South Sioux City.
A specially designed hybrid microhole coiled tubing rig recently concluded the drilling of 25 test wells to penetrate an intractable natural gas formation called the Niobrara in western Kansas and eastern Colorado.
Elasmosaurus platyurus (``plate-boned lizard'' for the large plate bones of the shoulder and pelvis area), Niobrara Chalk formation of northwestern Kansas in 1860.
A federal judge has ruled that the National Park Service (NPS) management plan for the Niobrara National Scenic Riverway is inadequate and unenforceable.
The Texas specimens can be correlated with greater precision than most material of Ichthyornis and span a period essentially equal to that during which the Niobrara Formation, source of the classic specimens, was deposited.