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(Old Testament) a famous hunter

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When the original tribes were dispersed, more than four thousand years ago, Nimrod and a large party traveled three or four hundred miles, and settled where the great city of Babylon afterwards stood.
They broke off fragments from Noah's tomb; from the exquisite sculptures of the temples of Baalbec; from the houses of Judas and Ananias, in Damascus; from the tomb of Nimrod the Mighty Hunter in Jonesborough; from the worn Greek and Roman inscriptions set in the hoary walls of the Castle of Banias; and now they have been hacking and chipping these old arches here that Jesus looked upon in the flesh.
Mosul / NINA / Iraqi army forces (9th army division) managed to liberate Abbasia village fully within Nimrod sector amid intense clashes with Daesh according to a military source The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Iraqi army forces managed to free Abbasia village within Nimrod region after completing the encirclement of Nimrud archaeological center to start breaking in Nimrod center.
Probing deeper, two of our famous TV faces interviewing the Defence Secretary majored on "The government's failure" to replace our well-proven multi-role surveillance aircraft, Nimrod, effectively claiming that between 1995 and 2012 both Labour and Conservatives failed to put a replacement in service.
Five years after scrapping the Nimrod spy planes, he confirmed plans to buy nine new US-built Boeing P-8 Poseidon s.
A professional test pilot and author of many books in the subject, Blackman was associated with the Comet IV conversion into the various Nimrod maritime surveillance machines during the forty years of their native service.
Currently, JTC Group was selected to administer a new listed specialist investment firm Nimrod Sea Assets Limited, is a Guernsey domiciled company and would be injecting in vehicles which take on, charter and sell marine assets affiliated with the offshore oil and gas industry.
The SNP have promised to replace Nimrod spy planes in an independent Scotland.
The lodge sits just west of Nimrod proper, if there is such a thing.
A CATALOGUE of concerns about the airworthiness of the RAF's Nimrod spy planes were raised eight years before one exploded over Afghanistan, killing all on board.
Doric Nimrod Air Two Limited (DNA2) has joined the Specialist Fund Market (SFM) on the London Stock Exchange to.
8) Another legend holds that Nimrod came into possession of Adam's hunting garments (which gave him control over the wild beasts) until it was forcefully wrested away from him by Esau.
SOME readers appear to be very upset with the Coalition's decision to scrap Nimrod.
HOW can ministers justify scrapping new Nimrod spy planes that cost the taxpayer pounds 4billion to manufacture, plus pounds 200million in demolition costs (Mirror, Jan 28)?
Summary: Scrapping the RAF's Nimrod surveillance aircraft will leave a "massive gap" in British security, former defence chiefs have warned.