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Danish composer (1865-1931)

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From 1978 to 1983, Jobcentre clerk Nilsen, now 69, killed at least 15 men and boys he lured to two homes, carving up and boiling the remains then flushing them away or hiding them.
Nilsen, known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, was jailed for life in 1983 after being caught when drains at the property became blocked with human remains as he tried to dispose of bodies.
Most recently, Nilsen was the Chief Financial Officer for West Yost Associates, a water, wastewater and storm water civil engineering firm in Davis, California.
Cardi'-based Mr Nilsen has since 2008 facilitated LSH's building consultancy division, applying his expertise in design and contract administration to client projects across Wales and throughout the UK.
Nilsen has recorded 18 albums, sold more than 1 million recordings and toured all 50 states, Europe and Asia, a press release says.
Nilsen brings a background in engineering as well as finance, which are areas of expertise important to the Foundation.
Leading criminologist Professor David Wilson, who has met Nilsen, yesterday hit out at the development.
Since setting up, Nilsen and Davies have created a range of opportunities for people in the region and secured a number of high-profile contracts.
Nilsen, now 67, is believed to have murdered and dismembered 15 young men over a five-year period from 1978.
FOUNDERS Albin Nilsen and Martin Davies in front of the green screen at their new Bloom Studio premises
Borthen Nilsen, owner of the cabin, said: "They had a hell of a party in there.
They had a hell of a party in there," the New York Daily News quoted cabin owner Even Borthen Nilsen as telling local media, according to The Local.
Nilsen was at work, but checks showed that he had no police record.
CIVIL servant Dennis Nilsen went on trial at the Old Bailey in October 1983 accused of six murders and two attempted murders.