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a group of languages of East Africa belonging to the Chari-Nile group


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2), and a number of Nilo-Saharan Nilotic languages (Section 2.
The Nilotic language does not contain a word for God, and in Dinka religious thought there exists no concept of God as understood in Christian and Islamic theology.
Evidence in support of this scenario comes from the fact that various languages display forms that are used as reflexives and markers of derived intransitivity, but were originally intensifiers (see the discussion of Nilotic languages, particularly Acooli, in Kemmer 1993:193-5).
Languages: English (official); Luganda and Swahili widely used; other Bantu and Nilotic languages.
The only example of ergativity in Africa is to be found in the Western Nilotic languages, where Pari is ergative, but this is likely to be an innovation rather than a relic (Andersen 1988; Dixon 1994: 188f.
the initial stage of an adaptation process whereby the sex-based gender system of some Nilotic languages comes to be complemented by one particular class (involving the noun for 'place' as the single member of the class) of the nature-based gender system of Bantu languages (see Heine, 1982 on the distinction between sex-based and nature-based gender systems in African languages).