Nikita Khrushchev

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Soviet statesman and premier who denounced Stalin (1894-1971)

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Es lo que sugiere Fidel Castro, entonces primer ministro del gobierno revolucionario de Cuba, al lider sovietico, Nikita Kruschev, en una carta fechada el 26 de octubre de 1962, en el punto mas critico de la Crisis de los Misiles.
Karl Marx held the view there was no need to fight capitalism as it would inevitably destroy itself and, in the 1960s, the Russian leader Nikita Kruschev held a similar view.
September 29, 1960: While British PM Harold Macmillan is speaking at the UN, Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev bangs the table with a shoe.
In the shadow of the place where the wives of previous Russian Premiers such as Nikita Kruschev and Mikhail Gorbachev are buried, the most prestigious piece of consecrated ground in the capital by all accounts, Celtic were allegedly going to pay the price of meeting the Russian League leaders at a time that was too early in their own season to be helpful.
El primer gran cambio habia sobrevenido en 1953: tras 29 anos en el poder, Ioseb Dzhugashvili, mejor conocido como Jose Stalin, murio repentinamente y, tras una etapa de forcejeos, el poder real parecia haber caido en manos de Nikita Kruschev, a quien se consideraba un lider menos brutal, dispuesto a suavizar paulatinamente el regimen de terror impuesto por su antecesor.
The former chief executive doesn't like it but catcalls are nothing new to him - an old French teacher once compared him to hardline Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev.
He explains that the characters's name had some political relevance, Nick named after Nikita Kruschev, George after George Washington.
Nikita Kruschev returned from holiday to find he had lost his job as leader of the Soviet Union.
1958: Nikita Kruschev ousted Prime Minister Bulganin to take power in the USSR.
12 Mass was celebrated had been removed in 1964 for a visit of Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev and placed behind the city walls, where it remained until 1994.
In 1962 President Kennedy offered Nikita Kruschev a route back from war.
What do Margaret Thatcher, Monty Python and Russia's Nikita Kruschev all have in common?
I have often called him the Nikita Kruschev of the school system because he has always been well-liked, and though people respect him because he came from the business class, they used to laugh at some of his methods.
Cuban Missile Crisis, l962: The US almost goes to war after Soviet Union leader Nikita Kruschev decides to install ballistic missiles just 90 miles from Florida.
When Nikita Kruschev pounded his shoe on the podium and threatened "We will bury you