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a legitimate or supposed right to demand something as one's rightful due

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And the NIGS (New Intake Group) looked like NOGS (Nancy Old Girls).
3% 400bp Cash Efficiency Ratio 50 -- perating Earnings 351 17 5 Cash Operating Earnings 397 48 14 Average Common Equity 2,821 840 42 Average Managed Assets (b) 15, Total(a) Nigs 3,930 872 29 Average Common Equity 21,997 998 5 Average Managed Assets (b) 381,904 (7,520) (2) Shareholder Value Added (SVA) 1,736 800 85 Cash Return on Common Equity 23.
And Nigs el Priestley said: "Choosing to put children into foster care because of the 'Yorkshire culture' is one of the most bizarre social services' decisions I have ever come across.
While some continental players would have happily put all thoughts of the 6-1 thrashingwhich Arsenal inflicted behind them the moment they pulled out of Goodison's car park on Saturday nigS ht, Fellaini's mood was as Blue as the shirt he wor e.
The foyers of St David's Hall in Cardiff - the venue for the Welsh Proms - will also be transformed into a casino for the nigs ht.