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an alcoholic drink taken at bedtime

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a cloth cap worn in bed

the final game of a double header

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So the mother, with that wondrous patience which love gives to the quickest temperament, sat up again, and pressed her cheek against the linen night-cap and kissed it, and forgot to scold Hetty any longer.
When he made his final remark, he flung his night-cap to the foot of the bed, as Pope Gregory did the taper when he fulminated an excommunication; Suzanne then learned for the first time that du Bousquier wore a toupet covering his bald spot.
He had a tall red night-cap on, with a tassel, and he was lying crumpled up into a sort of untidy heap, and snoring loud--'fit to snore his head off
Pullet, you'll bear it in mind,--though you'll be blundering with the keys, and never remember as that on the third shelf o' the left-hand wardrobe, behind the night-caps with the broad ties,--not the narrow-frilled uns,--is the key of the drawer in the Blue Room, where the key o' the Blue Closet is.
Rose made Phebe promise that she would bring her stocking into the "Bower," as she called her pretty room, on Christmas morning, because that first delicious rummage loses half its charm if two little night-caps at least do not meet over the treasures, and two happy voices Oh and Ah together.
After a successful gig and a night-cap alongside two strange people in dressing gowns outside the hotel I retired to bed for a good night's sleep and a lie-in, so I set my alarm for 9am in time for breakfast.
Gwladys said she would sometimes have a sip of whisky as a night-cap and only watches evening TV - programmes such as Rownd a Rownd and Pobol y Cwm.
New England-the Jets is the night-cap, and it needs no explanation.
Price includes Winter Pimm's and mince pies on arrival, three-course dinner, a Baileys night-cap and breakfast.
After a night-cap or cocktail in ffresh Bar, it is just a short stroll from ffresh to your hotel Future Inn where chocolates and flowers await the prize-winner in their hotel bedroom.
Newsnight to me was like an alcoholic's night-cap - a little something to send me to sleep.
Devoid of music and without a television in sight, this welcoming little watering hole is the perfect venue for a night-cap or a pre-dinner pint.
I will begin, though, with the most substantial publication in Browning studies this year, Volume XI of The Complete Works of Robert Browning by Ohio University Press, which comprises Fifine at the Fair (1872), edited by Michael Bright, and Red Cotton Night-Cap Country (1873), edited by the late Susan E.
As they went up to room 517 for a night-cap, we knew it was game over and got a cab home.
This 11th volume contains Fifine at the Fair (1872) and Red Cotton Night-Cap Country (1873).