Nigella damascena

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European garden plant having finely cut leaves and white or pale blue flowers

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We report new records of five vascular plant species, Nigella damascena, Salix x sepuicralis, Spiraea x bumalda, Thermopsis villosa, and Veronica longifolia.
Lov-in-a-mist has a botanical name, Nigella damascena (pronounced Ni-JELL-uh dam-a-SEE-nuh), which hints at its characteristics and its origins.
The brick garden to the left has a blue and yellow theme so here we'll sow direct nigella damascena, 'love-in-the-mist'.
Best of the Bunch Nigella damascena IN THE second article that I wrote, when I started this page in August 1999, I listed and detailed 10 of my favourite plants and, having reviewed it , I thought you might like to be reminded of some of them.