Nicotiana tabacum

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tall erect South American herb with large ovate leaves and terminal clusters of tubular white or pink flowers

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Heavy metal tolerant transgenic Brassica napus and Nicotiana tabacum L.
By the use of this method, we examined 33 plants and discovered that tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum (Solanaceae), and 17 other plants contain a chemical(s) that can inactivate nNOS.
The Company specializes in the enhancement or reduction of nicotine production and content (and that of other Nicotiana alkaloids) in all Nicotiana species, including Nicotiana tabacum or tobacco.
Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) were developed expressing protease inhibitors from Manduca sexta or the enzyme tryptophan decarboxylase from Catharanthus roseus (periwinkle).
Described by Fabricius (1798) from dried American plants (`in Americae plantis siccatis'), it was assumed that the species was associated with Nicotiana tabacum, yet despite widespread earlier cultivation of tobacco, the species was first recorded in the United States in 1886 (Reed & Vinzand 1942), and has several congeners, largely feeding on thistles in the Old World (Steffan 1985); Hill (1994) regarded the species as of tropical origin.
However, when these sequences were included as transgenes in Nicotiana tabacum (L.
Within two years, Nicotiana tabacum seed has become unavailable, and we don't know why.