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Italian pope from 1447 to 1455 who founded the Vatican library (1397-1455)

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The next two chapters discuss Manetti's De pompis, a celebratory tract on the reconsecration of Florence cathedral as Santa Maria del Fiore (25 March 1436), and his Life of Nicholas V.
In the biography of Nicholas V, in turn, Manetti's epideictic style is predictably orotund, but his enthusiasm gradually shines through the monumental fabric as he describes the pope's translations and building commissions.
The theme, which, Smith and O'Connor convincingly argue, is both formal and literary, reappeared later in Manetti's Life of Nicholas V.
The meat of the book lies in close examination of Odo's manuscripts, those he made for himself and those he corrected -- it is here revealed -- for incorporation in the library of Nicholas V, the first founder of the Vatican Library.
There are essays in this section by Edward Cranz on the difference between Cicero's and Leonardo Bruni's conceptions of the studia humanitatis, by Thomas Izbicki on Nicholas of Cusa, by Charles Trinkaus on Machiavelli and Humanist anthropology, by Christine Smith and Joseph E O'Connor on the classical library assembled by Pope Nicholas V, by Joseph Marino on Castiglione's ideal courtly language, by Marjorie O'Rourke Boy le on communication by visual signing, and by Elizabeth Watson on Ariosto's Cinque canti.