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a bishop in Asia Minor who is associated with Santa Claus (4th century)

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In the vast majority of depictions, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas are portrayed as white-skinned Europeans with rosy cheeks and white beards.
Nicholas was born to wealthy parents around the year 300 in a nearby location in Antalya province, the village Patara, and was known for his generosity in assisting the poor and for his love of children.
Invited to speak in the ASEAN Insurance Congress 2015 - A Brave New World in Phnom Penh last month, Founder & Actuary Nicholas Yeo gave an insightful presentation titled "Application of Predictive Analytics in Distribution, Operations and Risk Management.
His son-in-law Stephen Watson said Sir Nicholas died peacefully in his sleep at Wexham Hospital in Slough.
With Nicholas nursing a sore groin he sustained in singles play, Penick did most of the legwork from the left side this year.
Children at St Nicholas Primary School, in Liverpool city centre, were the first to see the new image - showing a middle-aged man with a long grey beard, round head and square jaw.
Nicholas told the packed club: "I've not bought her a present but I thought I'd invite her up on stage.
Through the events of the story, Nicholas discovers in a profound and damaging way the depths of human depravity.
Nicholas, who at the time was training to be a primary school teacher at Northumbria University, was coming out of the pub with his friends.
Readers of Holocaust and African diaspora studies will welcome The Search for Johnny Nicholas (a revision of a work published to limited UK release in 1982) for investigating a small but fascinating corner of history.
Leon Wayne Nicholas, 30, of Howard Street, Clydach Vale, admitted assaulting Anthony John Woods occasioning him actual bodily harm.
SARIKAMIS, Jun 25, 2010 (TUR) -- A 113-year old hunting lodge constructed for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II in Sarikamis town of north-eastern province of Kars will go through restoration.
WHEN Dr Nicholas Patrick climbs aboard the spacecraft Endeavour next month, it will be one small step for him - but one giant leap for Teesside.
By not providing an option for Mother-Tongue medium education, governments and educators are denying basic linguistic human rights and creating all sorts of consequences that are now understood as contributing directly to the denial of these rights, added Bear Nicholas.
Set in the 16th Century, Nicholas Kristo is a young man commissioned to show the spirit of selfless giving to a world immerse in political, theological and societal corruption.