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The International Court of Justice will also communicate its decision on the material financial compensation that Nicaragua must pay to Costa Rica for the invasion of Isla Portillos, related to the environmental damage caused there, in accordance with the judgment of the Court of December 16, 2015 , in the case "Certain Activities of Nicaragua in the Border Zone (Costa Rica v.
A week earlier, the Banco Central de Nicaragua (BCN) released annual totals for 2015 showing a nearly 19% revenue hike, from US$445.
assistance to Nicaragua promotes economic prosperity, the strengthening of democratic institutions, and the expansion of citizen security.
Solentiname Tours-Discover Nicaragua zerger@solentinametours.
Citi's agencies, ATMs and service points will be rebranded to Banco Ficohsa Nicaragua.
With the entry to Nicaragua, and following an expansion process both in Honduras and the Central America region, Ficohsa establishes its presence in four countries.
The agreement to purchase Citibank and Cititarjetas' shares in Nicaragua, including commercial loans, personal loans, deposits and credit cards, was announced on March 25, 2015.
The announcement was made after Ortega met late Thursday with Chinese businessman Wan Jin, who is interested in Nicaragua s telecommunications sector.
The Government of Nicaragua routinely announced its commitment to fight illicit drug trafficking and organized crime, including efforts to coordinate with other Central American countries to combat the drug trade.
Moody's current ratings on Nicaragua, Government of are:
Fodd bynnag, nos Iau dwytha, cawsom noson arbennig iawn yng Nghaerdydd i ddathlu pen-blwydd yr Ymgyrch i Gefnogi Nicaragua yn 25 oed.
The study, elaborated by Mary O'Rourke, President of the consulting firm O'Rourke Group Partners, presents a solid benchmark analysis of Nicaragua and other major US apparel suppliers in Asia and the Western Hemisphere throughout the apparel industry's value chain.
Suggestions for an alternative included attempts by Nicaragua's president, Daniel Ortega, to hold on to power, and a plan by Venezuela, Iran and Nicaragua to create a 'Nicaragua Canal' between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Nicaragua is asking for a 60 million investment fund to be created in Central America, to be financed 90% by the EU and 10% by the countries in the region.
Footprint Nicaragua" is another entry in the footprint Nicaragua series, elaborating and giving much information and knowledge on magnificent potential vacation destination of Nicaragua.