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Citi's Nicaragua operation comprises of USD279m in assets, USD166m in loans, USD225m in deposits, and USD45m in equity as of March 31, 2015.
Reports have also surfaced that Nicaragua is procuring Russian-made patrol boats.
to support civil society and promote human rights in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua and China do not have formal diplomatic relations because of Managua s formal ties with Taiwan.
About Nicaragua Nicaragua offers visitors an authentic experience that puts them in touch with the country's natural beauty and warmth of its people.
In April 2011, Nicaragua enacted an administrative regulation restricting production, importation and distribution of the chemical phenyl acetic acid (PAA), a methamphetamine precursor, in its raw form or any products derived from the chemical, and banned all uses of PAA--commercial and domestic.
Bellach, gallwn ymfalchio fod Prif Weinidog Cymru yn gallu croesawu ymwelydd o Lysgenhadaeth Nicaragua, Guisell Morales-Echaverry i''r Cynulliad.
At that time, Nicaragua was the poorest (per capita) country in this hemisphere.
While hosting the Iranian leader in Nicaragua, Ortega offered a less inflammatory stance but still pledged close ties with Iran.
In the final days of his presidency, Bolanos signed a bill passed unanimously in the National Assembly, banning abortion in Nicaragua with no exceptions, including the mother's life.
Nicaragua seems to be in shape ahead of the free trade deal between the United States, the Dominican Republic and four Central American countries, known as DR-Cafta.
VALENCIA -- College of the Canyons wants to give students the chance to learn Spanish in five days -- or at least enough to get by on a trip to Nicaragua.
UniversitArea Protegida Nicaragua welcomes UC Santa Cruz intern Leo Maxam to the Earth Island community.
financed war in Nicaragua during the '80s, where I once worked for a human rights organization.
To the Editor: In 1994, dengue virus type 3 (DENV-3) was reintroduced into Latin America after an absence of 17 years, and was isolated almost simultaneously in Nicaragua and Panama.