ammonium hydroxide

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Synonyms for ammonium hydroxide

a water solution of ammonia

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05M de NH4OH se sometio a reflujo suavemente por 65h al final se ajusto el pH a 10 con NH4OH concentrado (15.
Athens has entered into a worldwide license agreement with Startec allowing Athens to manufacture and sell point-of-use chemical generation and mixing systems for NH4OH, 49% HF and HCI to be used in Athens' wafer cleaning stations.
ZrOCl2*8H2O [Merck, 8917], NH4OH [BDH, 27140], AgNO3 [Merck, 1512], PdCl2 [Alfa Aesar, 1103], benzyl alcohol [Merck, 9626], benzaldehyde [Scharlu, BE0160], n-heptane [Merck, 4379], toluene [BDH, 10284], and n-octane [BDH, 29407] were used as received.
After heating concentrated NH4OH was added drop-wise until the formation of precipitates which were collected washed with NH4OH and re-filtered.