ammonium hydroxide

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Synonyms for ammonium hydroxide

a water solution of ammonia

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Starting in the United States in 1992 with NH4OH On-Site Chemical Generation, Air Liquide is now supplying various chemical products to semiconductor facilities in Europe, Korea, and Taiwan.
Athens has entered into a worldwide license agreement with Startec allowing Athens to manufacture and sell point-of-use chemical generation and mixing systems for NH4OH, 49% HF and HCI to be used in Athens' wafer cleaning stations.
The system ties in with the customer's bulk chemical storage and distribution system for NH4OH and HCl transportation to the process tools.
Based on FSI's patent-pending volumetric sensor amplification technology, the precision dilution and delivery systems provide accurate and repeatable on-site blending of HF, NH4OH, HCI, developers and slurries.