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cheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers


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The name used in newspaper stock tables is still Alcoa, but the listing changes places alphabetically in The Associated Press tables, which are alphabetized by full corporate name.
And while their voices are yet to influence any significant swing in newspaper stock prices, they are certainly coming out of the woodwork to sing the praises -- or at least emphasize the positive -- of publishing companies big and small.
Re-jiggering of debt, the re-purchase of shares, good (and bad) recommendations from credit and stock analysts all fought a tug-of-war last week on newspaper stock prices, with the result being an essentially flat NewsInc.
The newspaper stock price depression came from three basic factors: the on-going ad recession, plummeting circulation figures and an overall depressed stock market (the S&P500 was also at its lowest point on March 6: it stood at $683.
GateHouse is now the third newspaper stock this year to be threatened with delisting by the NYSE.
com reported on Friday that newspaper stock prices hit 10-year lows recently.
Newspaper stocks were in the spotlight after the creation of a new regional newspaper company was announced - called Local World - which will buy Dail Mail and General Trust's Northcliffe Media business.
Today, newspaper stocks have fallen to all-time lows as papers are pressured to give away content, music sales have fallen by more than half since file sharing became common, TV ratings are plummeting as viewership migrates online, and publishers face off against Amazon over the price of digital books.
Who doesn't: AHC has generally outperformed its newspaper sector peers, becoming one of the few newspaper stocks that Internet investment advisers consistently tout.
Newspaper stocks continue to be depressed with no end to financial woes in sight.
tapped into growing investor sentiment that newspaper stocks may be undervalued.
The stock market, when it reopened the week following the attacks, sent newspaper stocks down an average of 9.
newspaper stocks to come under pressure, which has heightened event risk.