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report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group

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Plus, the best entry will win Best Edited Newsletter of 2007.
But the newsletters go beyond what is 'strictly business.
These newsletters are vitally important to our members because they contain information on new treatments and medications for post-polio syndrome, which most of our people are going through right now,'' Seitz said.
Done properly, electronic newsletters and discussion lists can be an effective tool for keeping customers and clients informed of news, upcoming events, products and promotions.
Alexander Communications publishes a dozen information products, including Real Estate Insider and Electric Vehicle Progress newsletters.
Of special interest to newsletter editors is a 47-page insert by Parker called Newsletters for Dummies.
Another type of anxiety concerns the product itself, about it being too good to be true, which doesn't really apply to free e-mail newsletters.
In Canada, Newswatch, a weekly electronic newsletter, has been going to 4,000 employees at 50 locations of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), Vancouver, for about a year.
publisher of 6 newsletters for business managers and executives;
Remember, Fred, it was the '90s when you could pretty much print money with newsletters.
This Midwestern health system, as an organization and community partner, recognizes great value in providing dynamic newsletters to educate the community and its patients on relevant and important health issues.
Two of his sons, Paul and Dan, now own and run Warren Communications News, 60 years old and publishing about a dozen newsletters for the communications industry.
In the appendix on Resources (all of which are undated), she lists no other books on newsletter publishing or editing and cites few newsletters.
Editor's note: The following is excerpted from The Newsletter on Newsletters' new book, How to Write & Edit Must-Read Newsletters, by Fred Goss.